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Why Hire A Professional Contractor?
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Many folks ask themselves this question over and over during the years they own a home. Why should I hire a professional?

The truth of the matter is yes Hardware stores or do it your self-outlets exist and offer quality materials that Do It Your Self-enthusiast can purchase these products at great prices. We get called in many times to repair and aid Do It Yourself projects countless times throughout the year. The most common case is when a homeowner updates a home before they sell it, then the new homeowner moves in and calls us to fix the poor craftsmanship, and they discovered. Many times its missed by inspectors, or the purchaser when they walk through the home. They end up buying it and soon realize there are leaks, or proper materials are missing to make this upgrade comply with industry standards or even local building codes.

We have seen washroom tiling jobs done without the use of cement board and floor membranes in showers. We have also seen washrooms or wet areas sheeted in regular drywall and then have issues with mold and mildew later on. Another problem we find a lot is basements being finished without proper vapor barriers and material being used on the floor that is susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

Another common issue we find in basements is lack of installation or soundproofing materials to dampen sounds from above. Homeowners do not want family members above interfering with the enjoyment of the rooms downstairs. Since an inspector or buyer cannot cut holes into a finished ceiling in most cases, it is not apparent until after the home is purchased and occupied that the new homeowner finds out the ceiling was not insulated for sound. A non-insulated basement ceiling also does not hold heat well and leaves a basement very cold in the winter months because the heat escapes easily to the upstairs. This creates a desire to crank up your heat and overheat the upstairs to get the basement to a decent and comfortable temperature.

Leaking roofs are another issue, many times homeowners will just putty and paint the ceiling to hide that a roof leak is present. It is essential the person inspecting your home goes into the crawlspaces, attics, and every area that we cannot see or access easy. We also advise to hire more than one home inspector and never to use the one supplied the homeowners or homeowners real estate agent.

A very common issue due the fact anyone can walk into a home improvement store today is in many cases the electrical work for lighting upgrades; ceiling fans are usually not done correctly. We also find lack of junction boxes in basements or attics when electrical has been added. All electrical updates should be done by a licensed electrician. In some cases, your insurance will not cover you if they find out you did a faulty electrical improvement that caused harm to your home.

We all want to save money but should do that in the shopping market or the mall.  When it comes to your home, safety and resale value, you should invest and trust the experience a contractor will bring to the table as well as the piece of mind you will feel while occupying your home.

Tips for hiring a contractor or home improvement company: Make sure they are bonded and insured for the work they do. Also, make sure they have proper licenses and permits for the work they do. It is essential to make sure they are capable and check references and past work if possible. Try to find family or friends that have used them in the past if possible. Don’t always shop for the lowest prices; you know the saying you get what you pay for.

We currently service Windsor, London, and Toronto. Please give us a call at 1-519-818-5388 or email info@HiExperts.com

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