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HomeAdditions and Renovations
Home Additions and Renovations

Revitalize Your Home Without Moving!

Do you feel your family is outgrowing your current home, but you love your neighborhood too much to move? A home addition and renovation may be the best way to revitalize your home. By reviving your living space, you can increase not only the enjoyment of your home but the value too. A home addition or renovation will make your home feel fresh and new again. Additions can be done on your existing home to increase the space significantly and add features you always dreamed of.

Whole Home Renovations

Whole home renovations can make it seem like you’re moving into a brand new house when done, but use the same foundation and structure in many cases, rather than tearing down the existing house and doing a full rebuild. They can involve every aspect of your home, from interior to exterior. You can have your choice of roofing, room additions, house raising, new windows and much more. The interior can involve moving rooms around or join rooms together. Extra bathrooms can be added. Closet space may be added to bedrooms that don’t already have ample storage. A Laundry room, workout areas or a grand entrance can be added to the layout. Also, a walk-in pantry or desk area can be added to the kitchen. Any unused space, such as a dining room, may be converted to a bedroom or office. Raising the height of your home can allow for the addition of a full basement suite for rental or your expanding family or just more living space in general. An extra story can be added for more bedrooms or bathrooms the possibilities are endless.

Over Garage Additions

One of the best ways to add extra space to your home is with an over garage addition. There can be many challenges to adding this extension to your home, but it is one of the simpler ways to add more room if your lot has no space for an addition. An over garage addition can also add to your home’s value and its overall curb appeal, as the garage seamlessly becomes part of the entire structure. Consider how you could have a large master suite or two children’s bedrooms here. Other options could include a large bathroom, laundry room or study.


A sunroom addition is a bright and airy spot that your family can enjoy year round. It’s filled with windows but is fully enclosed to keep the elements outdoors. It’s attached to an existing room in your home, such as the living room, and expands the size of your house. A sunroom can be versatile and offer many different functions for your family. It can be surrounded by a wall of windows and skylights, so it brings plenty of light into your home. It may have French doors that lead outside to a patio or garden. You’ll have the choice of a three seasons solarium or a four seasons sunroom. Generally, the difference is that the solarium will be enclosed, so the door can be kept closed in the winter if you’re concerned about heating bills.