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HomeAdditions & RenovationsLooking To Renovate Your Home?
Home Looking To Renovate Your Home?
Looking To Renovate Your Home?

Renovate you space for a completely new look and feel.

In this fast-paced seller’s market, lots of people are choosing to buy homes that need renovation work or additions. This gives them the option to have a brand new condition home again with the space they need and tailored specifically to their personality. This is a trending way for many home buyers especially the millennial generation. The upside to this is that you are getting a home for a good price and the renovation will make it a really nice up to date home. So in 10 – 20 years when you sell it the value and return on investment could be much higher than if you purchased a brand new home that was overpriced in a popular neighborhood with no room for improvement.

The key is to find a home in an up and coming neighborhood, then do your renovations and have a really nice home for a really nice price. So many subdivisions are being built these days and then the older homes are often sold for really good prices this is a great opportunity to buy a home with character, full grown trees and in many cases larger lots.

At Home Improvement Experts we help clients renovate every day and we take a lot of pride in our workmanship. Our team is professional and hard working, we get the job done right the first time. If you are looking for local addition and renovation contractor please give us a call we can come by your place, take a look around, measure and discuss materials, scope and budget!

Our Process is really simple, we walk homeowners through each step and discuss and communicate at each stage. All our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable of all the latest design trends. We can help you make your vision a dream come true!

We currently service Windsor, London, and Toronto. Please give us a call at 1-519-818-5388 or email info@HiExperts.com

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